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Thanks for visiting! I am a local Marriage and Family therapist currently practicing individual, family, couples, and child therapy here in Santa Cruz. In this website you will find information regarding my personal background, treatment specializations, and contact information to book an appointment. Again, thanks for visiting.

I've worked with a number of agencies over the years, private practitioners, and research institutions. While living near Salinas, Ca, I worked as a family therapist with "at risk youth and families" through Door To Hope. I provided co-occurring drug treatment and intensive family therapy for clients throughout the Monterey County area. 
I then took a position as a marriage and family therapist with the Kinship Center Adoption and Foster Care agency, working with families through the D'Arrigo Children's Clinic. Through providing family therapy services to residents of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Salinas with the Kinship Center,  I gained refinement in my skills in both play therapy and attachment work/interventions. 
My time spent working in Salinas with Door to Hope and the Kinship Center helped to further develop my working expertise in relationship and family therapy as well. Specifically, I received training in both Attachment and Family Systems theories, which also included emphasis on the neurological basis of trauma.

In regard to my work with parents, I specialize in providing short term parenting education including developing new ways to approach problem behaviors experienced with your children. I also foster the development of new approaches in coping with your child's difficult behaviors, and exploring and managing the often difficult task of parenting.
I've worked with a wide range of adult clientele, from couples seeking
premarital counseling to grandparents parenting grandchildren. If you are searching in Santa Cruz for a family therapist, you have come to the right place!

I work to help individuals, couples, families, and children in finding positive change in their lives. I also offer consultation, advocacy, and parenting training. Please give me a call if you are thinking about therapy so I can answer any questions you may have. I currently hold a valid license to practice psychotherapy in California. My license number is MFC # 48570.

Call today or  make an appointment, 831-392-7064. I'm now accepting new clients!
Nathan Sol Weinstein, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
MFC # 48570

I am currently the Memebership Chair for the Santa Cruz Chapter for Marriage and Family Therapists. Please contact me if you have any questions concerning the Local Chapter, membership or any other general questions regarding the Santa Cruz counseling community. 

Also, you can go to Psychology Today for valuable information on counseling, local resources and general questions you may have regarding treatment.

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